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Useful Links

This page is divided into different subject areas. Within each area you will find useful links to a number of websites and organizations.

Sexual Health
Including links for: CASH, Brook, GUM, NHS Direct & Information on Sexual Health.

  Mental Health
Including links for: BACP, Counselling, Coaching, and information on a variety of related issues.

Young People
Including links for sites offering advice and information for young people.


Assault & Abuse
Including links to NSPCC, Victim Support, Women’s Aid and local Rape Support Services.

Drugs & Alcohol
Including links to national and local organizations offering information & support around addiction.

  Sexuality & Gender
Including links to sites offering advice, information & support.

Housing & Benefits
Including links to sites that offer information and advice around housing and benefits questions.

  Employment & Training
Including links to useful employment and Training website, including local colleges.

Including links to websites offering information and support.

Including links to websites offering information and advice for parents.

Including links to websites offering advice and information.

  General & Emergancy
Including links to information on local doctors, dentists, pharmacies and more.

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